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Hotel Reception


Keep pace with dynamically evolving hotel industry and enhance efficiency with our innovative app that easily integrates with existing hotel systems! Track the consumption and inventory of drinks and ingredients!


How can we assist for your hotel?


Forget about waste!

Do you know how much waste, incorrect measurements, and inefficiencies you have behind you? We'd also like it to be zero!

Don't let inventory taking be boring, exhausting, and time-consuming when it can be simple, quick, and easy!

Anywhere. Anytime

Track your inventory, consumption, or even your less popular products!

With your smartphone, you can access up-to-date information anywhere and anytime, making it easy to see what you need to reorder before running out of stock!


It's that simple!

Use your smartphone to take photos of bottles, and the iBar app will tell you how much liquid remains in the bottle!

By pairing it with a Bluetooth scale, you can also accurately measure dark bottles and kitchen goods, making the process simple and efficient.

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