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Te már ismered? Tekintsd meg az iBar megoldásait!

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For your venue

Trendy Bar

For your pub, club

Reduce waste, track real-time inventory, and elevate your stock usage to a new level! Take inventory of beer kegs and spirits with just a single click!

For your restaurant, pizzeria

Keep track and manage your ingredient inventory up-to-date with the help of your mobile phone.

Already have Garcon, R-keeper, or Simpra software?

No problem, as iBar is already integrated with these systems!

Wiener Schnitzel
Hotel Dinning Room

For your hotel

Inventory quickly and easily with predefined or custom products and containers! Manage your hospitality department efficiently and increase work performance!


For your coffee shop

The iBar adds momentum and efficiency to your café in drink measurement and inventory management! Track the consumption of drinks and ingredients with the help of artificial intelligence and your smartphone camera.

Coffee and Cake
Pub Shelves


Hotel Castello Siklós

"We've been using the iBar app for 3 months as testers, and we've had very positive experiences. In addition to speeding up inventory, it has also reduced errors that occur during inventory recording!"
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